What are dry eyes?

Symptoms of dry eyes usually affect both eyes and can include:

  • eyes feeling gritty
  • eyes feeling sore
  • redness of the eyes
  • eyelids feel sticky when you wake up
  • temporary blurred vision that is corrected by blinking

Often, without treatment, symptoms will get progressively worse as you go through the day.

What causes dry eyes?

There are a number of causes that can lead to dry eyes including:

  • Age – the older we get, the less tears we produce
  • Some medications
  • Illness
  • Physical damage to the outer part of the eye or eyelid from disease, injury or surgery.
  • Eyelid inflamation
  • Exposure to air conditioning can cause dry eye symptoms.

Our Optometrists and Contact Lens Optician can assess your dry eye condition  and can offer a range of treatment options that will help to alleviate symptoms.

Please ask for more details of our dry eye clinic.