Saving a Patients Life!

  • 19/03/2018

I just want to say a very big Thankyou to our local opticians! I will never be able to Thankyou enough for saving Felix life!
After getting months of headaches and the doctors telling me it was a virus we went to the opticians who told me Felix had raised optical nerves caused by fluid, which results on too much fluid on the brain. This is very dangerous if not caught in time! They rushed us through for an emergency appointment to Colchester hospital who then after checking him over told us we had to be referred to Addenbrooks and wait for an appointment.
But unfortunately on Monday night Felix was very ill and had a seizure. We had to call 999 and he continued to be very poorly so was put on a ventilator. This was the worse day of my life! Addenbrooks have been amazing and after lots of tests and a lumber puncher to relieve the pressure on the brain Felix is doing much better and has now been transferred from ICU and on to a ward.
Without David Russell Opticians in Tiptree being so thorough and doing the extra tests that we did not receive at specsavers 6months ago we never would of known – and I can’t even bare to think about what would of happened! Felix is still in hospital and has a long road to recovery but every day he is improving!
We are overwhelmed by the love and well wishes that everyone has sent us! Thank you xx

09/03/2018 Review From Olivia.